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Yvonne Berenguer

writer & poet

"Change is not always swift or instantaneous.
Just look at the Grand Canyon
and the countless grooves painted
by one tenacious river." 

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About me...

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Yvonne Berenguer, MSW, CPC is a writer, wellness coach and educator. She is a member of the Women’s National Book Association – San Francisco. She is also certified in Mindfulness Meditation and Life Coaching and has over 20 years of teaching experience in graduate social work education.

Yvonne is the co-author of the “Tools for Well-Being” curriculum, which incorporates mindfulness, compassion, gratitude, creativity and positive psychology as tools to enhance personal well-being and resilience.

As a natural progression of her journey, she discovered the joys of journaling and poetry. This eventually led to her writing more content on personal healing and well-being.

In 2012, two of her poems, "Windows" and "Few Words of Support" made the finals in the San Francisco Writers Conference Writing Contest.


At present, Yvonne is a contributing author to the newly released "Turning Point Moments: True Inspirational Stories About Creating a Life That Works for You." As of this writing, the book can be found on Amazon and promises to be a best-seller.  


Other projects in the works include getting her first book, "REDO's: Waking Up to What Keeps Showing Up," through editing and rewrites. Of recent, she has also started on a second book inspired by conversations she had with her father,  Al Berenguer, during his last months alive. She hopes to get both books launched next year.


Yvonne is also the author of "Stay Open and Listen" blog and occasionally contributes posts in the Elephant Journal.

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Notebook and Pen

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