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Yvonne Berenguer

writer & poet

"The heart may know many sorrows but love is its only permanent resident."

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About me...

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Yvonne Berenguer, MSW, CPC is a writer, wellness coach and educator. She is a member of the Women’s National Book Association – San Francisco. She is also certified in Mindfulness Meditation and Life Coaching and has over 20 years of teaching experience in graduate social work education.

Yvonne is the co-author of the “Tools for Well-Being” curriculum, which incorporates mindfulness, compassion, gratitude, creativity and positive psychology as tools to enhance personal well-being and resilience.

As a natural progression of her journey, she discovered the joys of journaling and poetry. This eventually led to her writing more content on personal healing and well-being.  In 2012, two of her poems Windows and Few Words of Support made the finals in the San Francisco Writers Conference Writing Contest.


Of recent, Yvonne completed her first book draft, "REDO's: Waking up to what keeps showing up," which she hopes to launch within the next year. She has begun working on her second book, and occasionally posts in the Elephant Journal.

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Books & Poetry

Open Book
Waking Up to What Keeps Showing Up
Jumping Under Arch
Outside Looking In...
coming soon


"In REDO's, Yvonne skillfully weaves  into her compelling life story, profound insights on how life always offers us opportunities to get it right. I honestly could not put this book down as I enjoyed the narrative so immensely—and I will be forever changed by the lessons so deftly shared."


Debra Poneman

bestselling author and founder, Yes to Success, Inc.

"This book offers a series of beautiful insights shared straight from the heart. It is easy to read and often witty. Her style of writing infuses energy and courage, and conveys the essence of fully living each day."

Rev. Dr. Charles Floyd

Professor of SW


Soto Zen Priest

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend the reading of this work on the challenges faced when we look to make sense of the lessons that life seeks to teach. Berenguer uses life experience: dating, death, and friendships, to show that there we never stop developing our growth as relationship students. It is with honesty and transparent reflection that Berenguer examines various relationships and is contemplative about the lessons learned. Berenguer's writing is filled with relatable interactions and profound realizations. The big and small moments of life are related with the expertise of a person who has lived and experienced, and who is the knowledgeable docent who is sharing her findings. Each essay, of this collection, has a new gem of truth for the reader to explore. It's profound that Berenguer shares her learning while at the same time leaving YOUR learning up to you. These essays are a great balance of academics and heart and reading them will comfort you like coffee with a friend as you reflect and attribute meaning to the events that make your journey your own."

Xavier Huerta, educator



Notebook and Pen

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