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Waking Up to What Keeps Showing Up

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What is a "redo"?

Life gives us constant reminders that there are not only 2nd chances to fix what we didn’t get right…but there are thirds, fourths and fifths! It’s incumbent on us to notice when those circumstances are present so that we might learn the lesson. But if we miss it, not to worry because there will be other opportunities to do things over: redo!.



Looking In...

Jumping Under Arch
REFLECTIONS of the journey...

Outside Looking In is a collection of poems that ponders our experiences in everyday life. And like life, they reflect a mixture of feelings and commentary. While some of the poetry is categorized as fitting a particular “topic,” the collection in its totality is a mirror to the human experience, causing us to examine the context of our unique path… the past now bearing witness to the present

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